What to Wear?

Clothing choice is a very personal decision, however, if I can provide you with some guidelines in your choice we will create an image that lasts through time and is not dated with a specific fad or trend.

Think about how this image or series of images will be used: Wall Portrait; Album Print; Part of a Collection of Images; or a Headshot for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms. With the ‘end in mind’ your clothing choices may change!

General Clothing Suggestions For Your Photo Session 

  • Determine whether the session will be casual or dressy. 
  • Select colors that are complimentary to your skin tones. 
  • Avoid pale yellows and pale greens.  
  • Earth tones, jewel tones, primary colors, and bright colors can be photographed well. 
  • Avoid clothing with shoulder pads.. 
  • Simple clothing photographs best. 
  • Avoid busy patterns. 
  • Remember black and white clothes photograph well in color. 
  • Textures and simple layers are great! 
  • Furs photograph well and are stunning… but many not make a politically correct statement in some social media platforms. 
  • Think head to toe on all clothing selections.  
  • Shoes need to be polished and tennis shoes bleached clean. 
  • When in doubt, bring several favorite clothing choices and we can offer suggestions. 


  • Color schemes for families need to be planned:
    • Group photographs need all clothing to compliment each other.  One orange shirt in a group of blue may not part of your plan! 🙂
    • A general color scheme like blues in the shirts and jeans, tans or khaki slacks might be a simple idea.
  • The clothing should be ‘weather aware’… long sleeve shirts on a beach scene may not fit but long sleeve shirts in a fall scene might be perfect!

For Men Only!

  • Have a fresh shave for the photo session, because it is impossible to have a beard (shadow) removed.  
  • Remember that your hands may show, so they need to be clean. 
  • If you are planning to wear a necktie, select a tie that doesn’t have a busy pattern but compliments your jacket. 
  • To prevent eyeglass glare, ask your optometrist to remove the lenses if they are not “glare-free” lenses. Some people choose not to wear their glasses. 
  • Solid color shirts are preferred, and white works well. 
  • Shoes should be polished. Avoid shoes with scuff marks when you are in a full length photo. 
  • Just before your photo session, check clothing and hair styling,.. head to toe.. 

For Engagement Photos

  • If we are to provide an engagement announcement or ‘save the date’ photo, plan on a couple of hours and some fun along the way!
  • Consult with newspapers for time frames, and alert the us on all deadlines. 
  • Schedule the session ahead of time to avoid missing deadlines. 
  • Please alert the photographer about special poses and/or requests.
    • Including any location requests.
  • Determine if you want traditional or an artistic portrait. 
  • Select clothing following the general guidelines above.
  • If you have your own Makeup Artist, or would like us to arrange for one, please let us know when booking the session.

Children’s Photography

  • Select the time of day that your child feels best. 
  • Determine if the clothing will be casual or dressy. 
  • Select a backdrop color if appropriate for your portraits.
  • Determine if the session is to be in our studio, in your home, or outdoors.
    • If outdoors, receive permission from owner/manager of property to have the photo session. 
  • Bring your child’s favorite toys. 
  • Bring juice, cereal, and crackers for your child to nibble. 
  • Young children and unruly pets do not mix together! 
  • Please do not tell your child to smile: simply let them know they are going to have their photograph taken, and they will have fun in this studio. 
  • We find that the best results take place when the parents allow the photographer to control the photo session.
  • Please, assist only when requested by the photographer.
  • You may be in the studio/shooting area while your child is being photographed. 

Get ready to laugh, smile, and make some wonderful photographs!